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Flash Presentation

Multimedia is one of the most important aspects of computing technology, which combines text, graphics, sounds, and moving images in cohesive and meaningful ways. Each day brings in new solutions;the progress of multimedia has been slow to reach the web due to bandwidth limitations. But technology answers all the questions. Although there are number of methods for creating web multimedia, we iNet infotechuse standard and stable tools and technology to work for our client.

Web Multimedia presentation is divided into four basic steps:

  • Applications of Multimedia

  • Multimedia Strategies
  • Multimedia Preparation
  • Accessibility

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Application of Multimedia

i-Net Solution always consider clients needs and requirements. A happy customer will come back. They are made to come by attracting them by the

best presentation

when they shop. Since multimedia comes with a high price tag, we use it sparingly and judiciously in the application the best multimedia to the customers.

Web authors include more

visually attracting presentation

to the readers on the page to grab the user's attention. This is done based on the assumption that web users have short time and less attention when they enter the site. We take into account all these when we plan about adding media to your web pages. We consider the nature of your product and your business.

iNet infotechis very cautious over the old fledgling technologies. We take care in encoding and delivering audio, animations, and video. When we create the multimedia presentation we take care of two things:

  • First: The common confusion of downloading and installing plug-ins.

  • Second: Create multimedia content in the standard formats for operating systems and browser software in a custom file format.


Note: If you are creating a site for a specific audience and not for global audience you need to be more flexible and need to provide more specific information for your users. You can include data-intensive multimedia elements in your presentation.

Multimedia strategies

The value of having a block text on computer is not going to bring any visual impact to the readers. Thus making it attractive and to bring more impact we consider many strategies in

developing flash presentation.

We digitize texts to use computing strengths, such as searching and linking, and improve the understanding capacity of the user about the product. We know how best we can utilize computer and therefore we don’t simply translate analog video and audio content to the computer screenshots.

Analog content created sometimes does not work well on the web in such cases we use networked multimedia with proper scaling and compression. The key success of our

web multimedia presentation

is because we tailor your content in a proper format for web delivery.


We have the following media for the multimedia presentation


  • Audio

  • Slide shows

  • Video

  • Animation.

Multimedia Preparation

Multimedia places high demands on the network, the computer, and the user. The challenge for us lies in preparing files such that they are small enough to be accessed by broad range of audience. We understand both the characteristics of different media formats and the limitations of delivering media in a network. We balance quality against accessibility. We care about the 2 major components:

Here we discuss about the major component


  • Processing

  • Delivery


One of the best things about iNet infotechis that we construct multimedia presentation that can be accessed by each and every user on the World Wide Web. We develop multimedia content on your web pages without shutting out your users.

For instance, if your user is a vision-impaired user, then he cannot view your content such as graphics, video, or animations. To access such visual content, we develop alternative text, which can be read by a screen reader.

Similarly if your user is a hearing-impaired user, then he rely on content they view, and therefore we need to develop a visual alternative to the audible content.

This is where we differ from others, since we consider all these constraints when planning for multimedia content. We consider the user's disabilities both technological and physically disabled users. We provide flash presentation for users who are connecting to the Internet via slow modems on outdated machines and physically disabled users for whom multimedia content may be out of reach.

Thus multimedia is made for all!
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