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Are you looking for the ideal software solution so you can run your own auction web-site? If so, PHP PROBID is the right software for you.

PHP PROBID Features Overview:
Admin Area:

The PHP Pro Bid admin area provides you with absolute control over your auction website.

"Make an offer"

Buyers can now make offers on listed items; this new feature allows potential buyers to make an offer to the seller if the item has not received any bids. The seller can select whether or not to accept such offers and also set the price range they are will to listen offers between.

Combined Invoicing

Sellers can now combine invoices for items sold to the same user saving both time and money.

Direct Payment

Buyers can now make payment to sellers for items won on-site through using popular payment gateways.

Fee Payments

Users incurring fees on your site can make payment using popular payment gateways.

Wanted Ads

PHP Pro Bid is the first auction software package to include wanted ads. Enable your users to post adverts for items they want! You can also charge fees for posting wanted ads and also for a successful sale.

Media upload

Sellers can upload up to 9 pictures as well as media file (.wmv/.avi) to accompany their listing. As site admin you can impose a fee for the use of this service.

Custom Listing Fields

Tailor your Auction site to your specific market, add specific custom fields to either all or selected categories.


Offer incentives to new and existing users with our new voucher system. Choose to offer reductions as a percentage or a flat rate.


Enable your users to open their very own store on your auction site. Each store owner can pick and choose their own categories from the main selection. You can also setup store subscription packages to attract bulk or Business customers. Store owners can choose whether to list items in their store, for auction or both. Selections of store skins are also included.

Windows Bulk Lister

PHP Pro Bid official bulk list enables you to list items on your auction site from windows without having to visit your site.

Custom Listing Fields

Ideal for specialist sites you can now quickly and easily add new custom fields for sellers to use when listing. For example if you want to run a car auction web-site you can add custom fields for the engine size, color, age, condition and so on. All fields can also be set to be searchable. A major enhancement to all PHP Pro Bid powered auction sites.

SSL Support

If you have a SSL certificate installed you can integrate PHP Pro Bid to work alongside it.

Did not you find off-the-shelf extension to meet your requirement? We can develop customize extension for you to meet requirements. We develop extension on basis of Joomla Specification and these are 100% compatible to integrate with Joomla. Customize extension can be add to Joomla as module and components to enhance capability of default Joomla Setup. If you are looking for the best group to customize the look and features of Joomla, look no farther..

Our PHP PROBID Customization

Our high-skilled and experienced team will handle any of your PHP PROBID modification requests. Any functionality of your store or admin area can be modified to meet your needs. Please describe your requirements and we'll get back to you with our best quotes as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

PHP PROBID Installation & Configuration

We will help you to install and configure PHP PROBID system.

PHP PROBID Modules Development

We can develop a shipping module, payment module or any other PHP PROBID module you need. Additional modules will make your customers shopping more convenient.

PHP PROBID Contributions Installation

Contributions are ready-made add-ons for PHP PROBID. They provide additional functionality for clients or admin side. Since the most of contribution are rather buggy and are distribute "as is", we offer not simple installation but also testing and debugging.

PHP PROBID Data Management

If you have a big number of products, clients, orders, or other data, we are ready to keep it. We can provide automated database management or manual data entry, any type of database converting or optimization.

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